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Mixed Media

Mixed Media involves where one or more mediums are used. A layout arrangement is done that combines paint, sprays, pastes, embellishment. It can be used as a home decor piece. A 12*12" layout is done.

Mixed Media Tags/Cards/Art Journal Page

Mixed Media tags & cards are done using various mediums. Knowledge to work on smaller area. Arrangement of flowers and embellishments are done.

Altered Art/Mixed Media Project

A upcycling art where objects are altered using various mediums. Different types of background textures & embellishment of the altered project are done.

Handmade Album/Scrapbook Making

Learn to make various albums with different binding techniques. Learn to use scoreboard/cutter. Knowledge of cardstock. Learn to make various albums like mini albums, interactive album, gatefold album, mini accordion album, travel album. Learn to make pockets and flaps for storage of pics and messages. Albums can be customised according to theme like anniversary, love , baby shower , friendship. Orders are taken.

Basic Decoupage

Learn the art of decoupage using tissues, decoupage paper, pattern paper. Knowledge about various glue involved. Techniques like 3d effect , stencilling, crackle effect are covered in course. Articles covered are tissues box, tray, bottle, pen stand .

Reverse Glass Decoupage

Learn the technique of reverse glass decoupage on wall clock & plate. Arrangement of decoupage paper, rice paper & tissues are done. Knowledge about glue and vanish are given.

Advanced Techniques of Decoupage on Wood

Learn the new background techniques for wooden articles. Learn the distressing, graining & doily effect on the wooden articles. Each project involves 2- 3 techniques.

Fabric Decoupage

Learn the art of decoupage on fabric materials like cushion cover , table mat , pouch. Knowledge of various glue used on fabric. Knowledge about image transfer on fabric. Knowledge of stencilling and stamping on fabric

Sospeso Transparente

It's a Italian art where to make 3d flowers from plastic and paper sheets are taught Knowledge about 5 techniques are covered. Crystal effect are given to flowers.

Distress Ink & Stamping

A card making session where properties of distress ink are covered . Art of stamping is introduced. Arrangement of cards are taught. Over 30 techniques are covered.

Thai Clay Flower

Learn to make flower arrangement using Thai Clay. Learn to use cutter , veiners , tools to make Thai flowers. Flowers are roses , orchids, sunflower , lily , gladiolus are taught.

Paper Flower Making

Learn to make handmade /handcut flowers. Over 20 different types of flowers are covered. Inking and different types of paper involved to make flowers are covered.

Fabric Flowers

Learn to make fabric flowers with satin ribbon, satin cloth, laces. Basic course includes making 10 different flowers. Advanced course includes making 5 different flowers.

Die - Cut Flowers

Learn the handling of die cut machine. Knowledge of different dies and brands are given. Arrangement of 5 different die cut flowers are done.

Kanzashi Flowers

Learn to make flowers with satin ribbons. Learn 20 different types of flowers .

Origata Flowers

Flowers are done using duplex paper ( inking and processing of paper are done ) .20 different types of flowers are taught.


Learn basic quilling. Learn to make 20 different basic types of quilling flower pattern. Arrangement of quilted flowers are done on projects.


It's a Spanish art. Learn to make home made air dry clayLearn handling of clay and mixing of colours. Learn to make flowers with tools and without tools.Arrangement of flowers are done on projects.

Explosion Box Making

Learn to make a exploding box which consists of 3 layers with 3 tier cake / small box within Learn to make pockets and flaps for storage of pics and messages. Theme can be customised accordingly. Orders are taken.

Newspaper Weaving

Learn the art of newspaper weaving. Learn to make the newspaper sticks and mould them into newspaper projects like basket, pen stand . Learn different types of base for weaving.

Box Making

A lovely technique to combine 3 boxes to make a 1 gifting box. Arrangement of embellishments on box is covered.

Designers Cards

Learn different styles of designer cards. Can be introduced/ used in album/scrapbook making.

Iris Folding

A fun loving session of card making for kids.

Spireli Art

A fun loving session of card making for kids.


Learn the basic strokes of calligraphy Learn over 30+ different scripts

Gift Boxes

A fun loving session of making over 20 gift boxes for kids.

Murals (Name Plate)

Techniques and basic knowledge of mural painting are covered.

Candle Making

Learn the over 10 types of basic candles. Learn various candles like t-lite, pillar candle , henna candle , floating candle.

Relief Mural Painting

Learn the art of relief mural painting on mirror surface. Learn the cone work involved. Learn the colouring and other various technique involved.

Frame Making

Learn to make 3 different types of frames in this session.

Fabric Painting

One Stroke Painting

Learn the basic strokes . Learn the make basic flowers and let using these strokes.

Brush Strokes

Fun loving sessions for kids where 10 different brush strokes cards are covered.

Warli Painting

Palette Knife Painting

Different strokes using palette knife is covered.

Dream Catchers

Punch Craft